Graham Park Phase 2

Project Information: Graham Park Phase 2

Project Manager: Lorin Meeder, Environmental Programs Coordinator

Contact:  Ph: 724-776-4806 x 1176

Update:  All SportCourts, sidewalks, roads and parking lots are completed. Grass turf starting to grow; contractor has several punch list items to finish.

  • CTCC Project of the Year 2017: SportCourts
  • Miracle League field parking
  • Graham Park restroom building

2017 Cranberry Township Community Chest Project of the Year.

As the 7th and biggest Project of the Year, the CTCC SportCourts is named in honored of CTCC's 40th Anniversary.  This project will become the premier spot for many sports associations, tournaments and public play.  The project is designed with tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts,  horseshoe pits, bocce courts, and a community gardens/orchard.

Construction work on Phase II of Graham Park was completed by the end of November, according to project manager Lorin Meeder.  Although it was too late in the year to do planting or landscaping, those steps will now take place in March, ahead of the April 14 Grand Opening.  But the CTCC SportCourts themselves, together with their Township-financed support infrastructure, are already done and available for public inspection. 

The project includes eight pickleball courts, three bocce courts, four horseshoe ranges, two tennis courts and two basketball courts.  An open area adjacent to the court complex is available for temporary games, like cornhole, and a seven-acre field, designated for a future community garden or orchard, lies immediately to their east.  

A realignment of Graham Park Drive has allowed the Miracle League parking area just north of the SportCourts complex to expand.  A new building combining restrooms and storage is also ready and available to serve court users as well as other park patrons.  An extension of the park’s walking trail now links the court area to Brush Creek trail. 

Signs, plaques, nets, benches and other accoutrements of the Sport Courts facility are currently in hand, according to Meeder, although their installation won’t take place until spring.  Construction of the $1.6 million project, which includes $125,000 from CTCC, has advanced according to schedule.

Graham Park Phase 2

2017 Phase 2 Map-Aug 26