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To ensure that social distancing guidelines are in place and to follow CDC and Red Cross recommendations, swimming lessons this year will be a parent and instructor based blended learning class for all levels in which the child cannot swim on their own. This will also include private swimming lessons.

We feel it is vital to continue to offer swimming instruction, even if it is modified for this season. We are passionate about our Stand Up to Drowning Campaign and believe offering quality swim instruction is a vital part of the water safety initiatives at the Cranberry Township Waterpark. 

For levels where the swimmer should be able to swim on their own, the class will be taught with only an instructor, not a parent, the same as previous years. The instructor should not need to make direct contact with the children during these levels. We anticipate Levels 4 and 5/6 to be led without a parent needing to be in the water. 

While the parent will be the only person making direct contact with the child in beginning levels, the instructor will always be present to instruct the parents, to ensure the integrity of the instruction is not compromised.

The curriculum will remain the same and will in no way be altered from previous years to ensure the swimmer will still gain the same skills, just in a different way.

All parents regardless of their child’s age or level should come the first day of lessons ready to enter the water shall the child need assistance. Our instructors will assess each student’s abilities on the first day and ensure they are in the appropriate level and confirm whether a parent will need to be in the water each day with their child.

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