Rules/Policy of Graham Park-CTPA

Rules, Policies & Etiquette for CTPA

Membership cards:  Please attach your membership card to your bag. Please hang or place your bag on the outer fence (NOT INSIDE THE COURT) with your membership card on display.  You may be asked to present your  membership card if is not readily visible.  

Court Reserve sign-ups: You must cancel a free CR reservation at least 2 hours prior to the session.  If you need to withdraw after that window, you must contact the coordinator or another member to explain your reasons. Those who do not withdraw and do not show up will receive a warning and other actions will be taken for a repeat violation.

Cancellations/refunds:  All free events must be canceled at least 2-hours prior.  Most paid events may be canceled up to 5 days prior to the session. If you   cancel within the No Cancelation period   you will receive a refund  only if we are able to fill the slot.   All refunds go back as club credit to your account.

Attendance for the FULL event: Please do not sign up for any events that you cannot attend for the full 2 hours.   Many events can be extremely disrupted by your early departure.  

Behavior on the courts:    We expect all members to show proper conduct on and around the courts.   No swearing, demeaning, shouting and other negative behaviors will not be tolerated.  If several members report your behavior, you will be given a written/verbal warning.  Any additional violations may result to suspension or lost of membership.

AED: All members must take a moment and go to the Member Section of our website, to watch the 5-minute video on how to operate the AED. Please take the 5 minutes now to understand how it works. It’s very simple and can save a life.

Your Four queueing: When there are more Y4 groups than courts available, the captain of each group must queue their paddle. Paddles queueing should equal the number of captains signed up on Court Reserve minus the number of courts available for that event. If you did not sign up for that Y4 session on CR, you cannot queue. (All game rules, including for Y4s, are available on our website, under CTPA Games and on the bulletin board at the courts.)

Benches: The benches are for sitting, not to store your bags, jackets, or water bottles. All bags should be on the fence.  Please feel free to remove anything on the benches to allow you to sit.

Radios/music: Playing music on the courts is NOT a right — nor is it a matter of “we were here first.” If you are asked to turn down or turn off your music, you must do so. Please be considerate when playing music and ask those next to you if they mind. If they do, then please do not play your music. 

Lost and found: There is a lost and found box by Court 7.  Please put clothing or other items inside the box. Please keep water bottles outside next to the box.  

Court-drying equipment: To help prevent theft, all the equipment will hang on the back fence of Courts 6 & 7 If you use any of the equipment, please put it back in that same location. If at any time you see a that a piece of equipment is missing, please notify us immediately so we can review the video to see who took it.

Guest passes:  Members who bring a nonmember must purchase a guest pass at $6 per day.  Go to CR to buy the pass on the day you are bringing a guest. The pass is good for the whole day. If you see a person who is not a member, please check to see that a member bought a guest pass. All members can check by going to the 9PM Guest Pass sign up to see if a member did buy a pass. If not, please report it.

Ball on another court:  If your ball goes onto another court where a player on that court could trip over it, then please yell ball on court. But if it goes behind them, PLEASE WAIT until their point is over BEFORE you go to retrieve a ball. Please do not retrieve a ball while their point is still going on.

Clothing:  .  All players must wear a shirt while at the courts.   Those playing on the courts need to wear proper tennis shoes.  


Graham Park Rules & Policies

Rules you need to know in advance:
    No campers, tents, or cars overnight in the park. Police patrols hourly.
    Park closes at 10 PM
    No Pets (This is strictly enforced!)
    No alcohol 
    Police will ticket your vehicle if it is not parked correctly.
    No smoking or vaping other than parking lots.
    No parking on grass unless given permission to do so.  Tournament grass parking is allowed.

    Rest room facilities right on site
    Water fountains
    Water bottle refilling fountain.

For shootouts & Tournaments
    Tents can be put up only in grass areas and 10 ft away from the parking lot and side walks. No tents or chairs on parking lot 
    Tents cannot be placed on the grass around Court 1 & Court 3. This will be our Champion court where we will be live streaming.
    Food truck & concessions will be available at your expense.
    No chairs can be placed on the sidewalk, courts or plaza area or parking lot. Lawn chairs only on grass and 3 ft from a sidewalk.

Directions to Graham Park:
From Route 19 to Rochester Road.   Go about 0.9 miles and at the traffic light make a right on Graham Park Road.   Continue about ¼ miles until you see the courts on your right.   Go pass the courts and if you are playing that day and have a parking pass make a right into the parking lot.   Attendants will verify you are playing and let you in.