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Suggest an Item for Purchase

  1. Suggest an Item for Purchase Form

    If you would like to suggest an item for purchase, please complete the form below. Not all Items will be purchased, but your suggestion will be reviewed carefully.

  2. Please start by checking the Library Catalog. to make sure we do not already own the item. For older items and rare items, or if you would like to request this item NOW from a library outside of our system, please consider using the InterLibrary Loan Service.

  3. Please note the following:

    * If the item you are requesting is a current year fiction or audiovisual, we may not be able to fulfill an Interlibrary Loan request. However, you may request a purchase of any current year fiction or audiovisual using the form below. Thank you for your suggestion, it will reviewed for the library's collection.

  4. Title of the item being requested

  5. Primary Audience*

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  6. Additional Information

  7. Can be found on Click on your desired title and check in the Product Details section.

  8. 14 digit number found on your BCFLS library card

  9. For example, type Jane Smith.

  10. If your item is purchased, would you like us to place a hold on this item?*

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