Public Play and Nonmember Play

Public Play 

Free public  play is only  April 16 to Oct 15  on three courts from 1PM-4PM .  Courts 13,11& 9 only.  There is no free public play from Oct 16 to April 14. See nonmember play  below if you are interested in playing during this time of the year.    If you want to play during CTPA hours you can play as a nonmember but need to make advance reservations.   See Nonmember play for additional ways to play on our courts during CTPA hours.   CTPA is part of the Parks & Rec department in which all proceeds are going to the township.   CTPA is an all volunteer organization.  

Question & Answers: 

Why can I not play on CTPA courts anytime I want for free?   The members of CTPA have paid for the courts and yearly operation costs in an agreement with the Township.   Over the last years CTPA members donated and paid over $2 million for the PB complex.   CTPA is like the golf course & swimming pool operating as a "pay to use" facility.    These courts would not be here without the support of CTPA members.

There are empty courts during Public Play and other CTPA hours, why can't we use them?   Even CTPA members pay to use those courts.   A member would lose their membership if they played on those courts without paying.   You using these courts without paying a fee would be equal to jumping on a hole of the golf course or jumping the fence of the swimming pool without paying.   We ask that you reserve a court in advance and pay the fee to use our courts except for Public Play courts & time.  You will be politely asked to leave if you did not pay to reserve these courts.   All courts are video recorded 24/7. 

If the three public courts are full, do we have to wait until someone gets off to play?    No, let the three group playing on the courts know that the courts are full and your group is queuing to get on.   When they finish a game to 11,  they should get off the court allowing the next in the queue to get on, and they can queue until the next group finishes their game to 11.   Our courts typically are not design for a single person to arrive and queue a paddle hoping others will join them.    If you are a single person looking to play in this type of format, you are better to try North Park.

Nonmember Play

We are offering Nonmembers a chance to play on CTPA courts during available CTPA times using an advance reservation system in a pay to play format.   We currently have two options available for Nonmembers.

PB-1 Fast Track & Early Player Development:    This is specific for those with no or little pickleball experience but with an opportunity to learn the game building a solid foundation to develop your game the correct way.   See the tabs on the left for more information.


 You can reserve a court for your own group to play for two hours just like our members do.   You will have the ability to reserve a court from 3-14 days in advance.   The cost is $25 for a 2-hour session outdoors.   Please know if a CTPA  member was to invite 3 guests to play in a Reserve a Court format,  that member would have to pay $24 for that same 2-hour session.   To reserve a court contact   If there is a court available, he will send you to Parks & Rec with a specific code to then pay for your court.   Once paid, you will then be assigned a court number that will be reserved for you.    Monday through Friday  from 9am to 1PM  and 6PM to 8PM there will be no courts available for Reserve A Court .  This is the case also for Saturday mornings from 9am to 1PM.   The longer in advance you reserve a court the better your chances of getting your selection.    (In the Fall of 2024 we will also make indoor courts available to nonmembers, more details later)

Question & Answers

Paying $25 for 2-hours on the courts seem like a lot?  Actually if one our our members reserved a court and brought three nonmembers with them their cost would be $24 to rent the same court.  So asking you to pay $25 is a very reasonable amount.    

What if we are only two people playing?   The cost is still $25 for the 2-hour session.  Its the same if you are 2 or 6 people.

How will others know that we have a reservation for this court?   It will be listed on our event schedule in which every member has an app that gives them access.    Just tell them to look on their scheduling  app to see that you are scheduled.   Most court monitors will know this in advance that you have that court but at times other members may come up and ask.

I am from out of town and looking to get involved in a CTPA event?   Most of our events are sold out and/or require a certified club rating to be a part of.   We typically encourage out of town visitors to play at North Park in Allegheny County that has 8 PB courts and are played in an Open format queueing paddles.

I would like to play inside the dome in the winter?   We may have opportunity for a nonmember to play indoor for the Winter 2024/25.   Please come back to our web site in September for more information.   Typical prices for a nonmember to rent an indoor court cost will be from $45 to $60 for a 2-hour session.

Any questions contact: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are typical questions we get from those considering to join as a CTPA member.

I hear you have a rating system.   I am not interested in ratings.    Do I have to test for a rating?:   Everyone joining will enter as a 2.5 rating.   There is no testing for this level.   You do have to go through an evaluation for a higher level.

I am experience player and consider myself better than a 2.5 rating.   How do I get a higher rating?  Please go to the  CTPA web site, go to “Member Section” tab then about halfway down is “ CTPA Club rating”   . Please read this for a full explanation.

I am interested in mainly playing with my spouse (friend).   Will I be able to do this?    Short answer is yes, there is opportunities to play singles against a spouse or friend.    But what makes pickleball so popular is that you will have many opportunities to play with a wide range of members who are about the same level you are.

I am just looking to join just by myself.   Can I or should I join with a friend?    What is great about CTPA is that you will see how many people registered for different events.   So you too have the ability to sign up for any of these events knowing others will be there to play.  So yes, you can join solo and still get the opportunity to play with many other people.     Each event has a coordinator who will help organize the event.    All you need to do is show up.

I am new to pickleball.  Should I join CTPA immediately or should I take PB-1 Fast Track?   We encourage everyone new to pickleball to take the PB-1 Fast Track first and then join after you are assured that pickleball is for you.  The fact is about 20% of the people who take PB-1 decides that pickleball is not for them.    We also find that people new to pickleball who join CTPA  instead of PB-1 have a lower chance of renewing their membership, compared to those who took PB-1 first and then join CTPA.